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What is My Face Value? Our Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors

The Brand Ambassador team is growing - watch here for the latest announcements.
John Aldridge
John "Aldo" Aldridge: John is one of the founders of My Face Value. John is a pundit with various media organisations and is well known for his charity work. He is a former Liverpool player, Republic of Ireland international footballer and football manager. At Liverpool John was a prolific record breaking striker in the late 1980s and his tally of 330 league goals is the 6th highest in the history of English football. John played in 69 matches for the Republic of Ireland scoring 19 goals and was a key squad member at Euro 88 and the FIFA World Cup competitions at Italia 90 and USA 94.
Robbie Fowler
Robbie Fowler: Robbie is a former professional footballer and manager who played as a striker from 1993 to 2012. Nicknamed "God" by the Anfield crowd Robbie also played for Leeds United and Manchester City. Robbie is the sixth-highest goalscorer in the history of the Premier League. He scored 183 goals in total for Liverpool, 128 of which were scored in the Premier League (162 Premier League goals in total). Robbie was capped for England 26 times, scoring 7 goals and was in England's squads for Euro 96, Euro 2000, USA 94 and the 2002 FIFA World Cup.
Jason McAteer
Jason McAteer: Jason played for Bolton Wanderers, Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers, Sunderland and Tranmere Rovers appearing 139 times for Liverpool and won 52 international caps for the Republic of Ireland. Jason was selected for the 1994 World Cup squad and played in his second World Cup for the Republic of Ireland in 2002. Jason scored the decisive goal for the Republic of Ireland in a crucial 1-0 World Cup qualifying win against the Netherlands in September 2001, which helped the Irish team stay on course for their place in the 2002 World Cup.


TWO x match tickets & TWO nights four-star accommodation for TWO from a fixture in the English Premier League (EPL), Scottish Premier League (SPL), FA Cup, Europa League or UEFA Champions League in the 2016 / 2017 season.
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What is
My Face Value?

My Face Value™ is the New Home of Match Ticket Resale & Exchange. My Face Value™ is a ticket resale and exchange platform where sports fans (in the first phase - soccer fans) can BUY, SELL or SWAP tickets with each other. The My Face Value™ vision is to facilitate a fan driven, community based alternative to unauthorised ticket sellers and the ticket resale giants.


My Face Value™ does not sell tickets directly. My Face Value™ is a community. My Face Value™ is a facilitator for interactions between genuine fans who wish to BUY, SELL or SWAP tickets with other fans while complying with the My Face Value™ Community Guidelines. My Face Value™ charge a fee for each BUY, SELL or SWAP post on the My Face Value platform.

The My Face Value™ concept can easily and will in time be extended to cover other types of sports and ticket based entertainment events that also suffer from the same touting and secondary market resale problem - music festivals, concerts, theatre, other sports - rugby, cricket, tennis and so on.

What problem are My Face Value solving?

Many genuine fans rarely successfully access tickets when they are initially released at face value prices. The objective of My Face Value™ is to disrupt and dislodge the touting element from the ticket supply chain and challenge the rip-off culture present in the secondary ticket market which prevents many genuine fans from attending events.

Let's answer all your questions

How does My Face Value ensure that tout's do not use the site?

The My Face Value ability to tackle the problem of touts using our community is key to earning and retaining the trust of the My Face Value community. The algorithms that My Face Value have developed to solve this problem are only one of many unique selling points in the My Face Value promise to genuine fans.

Using Innovative Technology To Beat The Touts

Similar to the auditable Random Number Generator algorithms that our Random Picking Software utilises to ensure fairness & transparency when selecting winners of our competitions & promotions, our approach to Phishing Prevention, Intercept "Man in the Middle" Attacks and our proprietary Automated Tout Detection systems use our own set of proprietary processes and algorithms to keep My Face Value secure and "tout free".

My Face Value have developed sophisticated mechanisms that protect the data that the My Face Value community entrust us with and prevent the My Face Value community unwittingly assisting touts in their efforts to buy tickets at face value.

Whitehat Hacking & Penetration Testing

My Face Value expects to be the target of concerted campaigns by trolls (on a simplistic level) and hackers (in a sophisticated manner) because My Face Value are dislodging and disrupting a lucrative "street level" business as well as a "respectable" corporate sector who make large amounts of money from ticket touting and price gouging tickets to events.

The first target of these hacks as we see it would be to undermine the trust in the My Face Value community by targeting our community members' data, in all its forms. But in particular our community members credit card details. Aside from the myriad white-hat hacker tests that we have conducted, our operating systems, applications and network configurations have been comprehensively penetration tested by leaders in the field.

Security & Encryption

My Face Value uses security protocols that protect the My Face Value community member from malicious interception attacks. My Face Value use a secure and encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL) when handling My Face Value community members' data.

The My Face Value EV SSL certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to our website. When performing transactions, the green address bar prominently displays our company name and provides highly visual assurance to customers that our site is secure – immediately giving the My Face Value community member the confidence to complete their transaction.

Sensitive Data Storage

For a further level of comfort My Face Value use an external provider with PCI Service Provider Level 1 Certification (the most stringent level of certification) to manage the process of no-hassle security and compliance that meets all PCI-DSS requirements for desktop and mobile transactions [PCI-DSS: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organisations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.]

No sensitive data hits the My Face Value servers. To bolster this counter measure My Face Value have added an extra layer of security in the form of Two-Factor Authentication.

Phantom Community Members / Spam Accounts

But how do My Face Value detect touts posing as allegedly legitimate community members and avoid the scenario where the tout uses the My Face Value community as a source of leads to purchase tickets at face value and then tout.

The My Face Value community, without the measures that we have taken, would be a readily available environment with millions of community members which touts could "raid" for tickets.

The Value of Anonymity

This process is outlined in great detail on our website and on our social media pages. But in short, the answer to preventing the use of My Face Value as a ticket sourcing platform for touts is "anonymity".

The information posted by My Face Value community members in relation to BUY/SELL/SWAP requests is not visible to the My Face Value community. Rather My Face Value store the data and identify matching BUY requests with SELL offers and SWAP requests with SWAP matches.

The relevant My Face Value Community members are then notified simultaneously by email. The email contains a link and when clicked this link will allocate the ticket on a First-Come-First-Served basis to the first My Face Value community member who secures the ticket by making the required payment.

The SELLER / SWAPPERS are then requested to send the ticket(s) to My Face Value for a counterfeit check and thereafter - assuming no issues relating to payment fraud or counterfeiting arise - My Face Value will post the ticket to the BUYER and pay the SELLER or in the case of SWAPS post the tickets to the respective My Face Value community members.

The process is managed from end-to-end by My Face Value to ensure compliance.

Detecting "Organised Touting" in the My Face Value Community

My Face Value will keep the community tout free. The BUY/SELL/SWAP Process is conducted thru a series of simple menu selections. This process is outlined in detail on our website and on our social media pages. Once completed and in order to SUBMIT the information to the My Face Value databases - the My Face Value community member is requested to LOGIN, if they have not already done so, or REGISTER - if they are not an existing My Face Value community member. Now the science bit - the steps in the REGISTRATION process provide one level of protection against touting - but not enough. Sweat shops exist and the industry (organised crime element) are well capable of setting up hundreds of identities and email addresses using pre-paid cards in an attempt to circumvent this LOGIN or REGISTER Wall counter measure.

Tout Prevention & Community Compliance

My Face Value have developed systems to encode expertise for detecting touts, in the form of rules. Employing Big Data Analysis / Data Mining to develop community member behaviour patterns and profiles for matching against a baseline to detect deviations and automatic responses / actions or in certain cases issue automated real time notifications to the My Face Value Tout Prevention & Community Compliance Team for examination (See Level 1-4 below for details on this process).

The My Face Value Pattern Recognition techniques to detect clusters or patterns of suspicious behaviour are automated to ensure scaleability. Machine learning techniques automatically identify the characteristics of touting. The My Face Value algorithms learn suspicious patterns from samples which are then used later to detect breaches.

My Face Value deploy these detection algorithms on a number of levels using statistical techniques and artificial intelligence:

Level 1: Email addresses used by a community member, contact telephone number provided by a community member, frequency and time of day of logins by a community member, number and type of payment instruments used by a community member, transactions levels (numbers of transactions) by a community member, types of transactions conducted by a community member - BUY/SELL/SWAP;

Level 2: Combining source metadata, platform and device usage, IP address, browser type, geo-location (clustering), proxy spoofing and VPN detection to augment the Level 1 data My Face Value hold on behaviour patterns;

Level 3: Cross referencing My Face Value community member profiles with publicly available information on social media accounts for pattern matching and augmenting the community member risk profiling data to augment the Level 1 and Level 2 data;

Level 4: In the event that all the information points to a positive breach of the My Face Value Community Guidelines then the community member will be blocked. In circumstances where the information points to a possible breach of the My Face Value Community Guidelines then the My Face Value Tout Prevention & Community Compliance Team will request identification and documents to prove that the "member" is not a phantom account AND that the documents supplied to vouch for that assertion are genuine.

The My Face Value "Tout Free" Guarantee

By implementing the Behaviour Analytics & Profiling with the Context Data, as described above, the My Face Value Self-Learning Algorithms will ensure a tout free environment as promised. These processes reduce to almost zero the ability for touts to engage in the volume transactions that would make the effort commercially viable or feasible.

Whether dealing with touts as individuals or organised gangs their inability to fool the profiling algorithms and/or comply with the My Face Value escalating requests for proof of identity to determine that a suspicious account is in fact a genuine fan, where anomalies are detected, will keep our community tout free.

Why will fans forego a profit on the resale of their tickets?

There are many people who are genuine fans and anti-tout (steet level or corporate). There are many people who understand the issues in the secondary ticket market. There are many people who will participate in the "non-for-profit" ticket sale or swap concept.
My Face Value™ encourages fans and community members to participate in the face value, "not-for-profit" ticket sale or swap concept by rewarding the choice to sell at face value by augmenting the associated benefits of using the My Face Value™ platform and concept, as follows:

Is My Face Value a ticket resale agent?

No. My Face Value™ does not sell tickets directly to community members. My Face Value™ is a community. My Face Value™ is a facilitator for interactions between genuine fans who wish to BUY, SELL or SWAP tickets with other fans while complying with the My Face Value™ Community Guidelines. My Face Value™ also complies with the prevailing legislation with respect to the ticket resale rules of the relevant governing bodies or associations who issue the tickets or who are responsible for the issuing of tickets.

Is My Face Value a "for profit" corporation?

Yes. My Face Value™ charges a fee for each BUY, SELL, or SWAP post on the My Face Value™ platform. My Face Value™ also markets merchandise, travel, accommodation, sportsbook betting, events and other associated and complementary products and services to community members - on a strictly "opt-in" basis only.

What is the My Face Value fee structure?

Cost of BUY / SELL / SWAP posts to the My Face Value database

* Charges are subject to change and will include the applicable local sales tax

Why do My Face Value request mobile numbers in the registration process?

Mobile phone numbers are requested as part of the registration process for My Face Value™ to assist in the delivery process of prizes to winners of our competitions and promotions and of course for the delivery of ticket purchased and swapped on the My Face Value™ platform.

My Face Value™ seek community members mobile phone details in order to comply with the mandatory requirements of our logistics partners for national and international parcel delivery. Our logistics partners require a contact number for the intended recipients of packages in all cases.

How do My Face Value ensure fairness & transparency when selecting winners of competitions & promotions?

My Face Value™ randomise each entry, by each community member to a competition or promotion by assigning one random number per entrant to a draw. We also apply a weighting to each entry.

This weighting is applicable where the chance to win increases depending on additional activities of an entrant (Multiple Likes / Follows / Retweets / Shares / Tagging  / and so on).

The process uses a random number generator on an auditable and secure platform which My Face Value™ will make available for public audit and verification of compliance should My Face Value™ be required to do so.
Note that regardless of the weighting for any one entrant that prizes are limited to one prize only per person per competition or promotion. 

My Face Value™ decisions are final in any disputes that may arise.

Are there "hidden" premium text subscription services at play?

No. There are no "hidden" premium subscription text services of any kind in the My Face Value™ offering to community members.

If there is a subscription text service launched by My Face Value™ at a future date then it will be clearly explained and the associated My Face Value™ Community Guidelines will be clearly outlined.

It will be offered based on a strictly "opt-in" basis. There are no stealth marketing activities at My Face Value™.

How will community members submit BUY / SELL / SWAP requests?

How will community members be notified?

** A refundable deposit is requested from both parties in order to aboid time wasters.

How does the
My Face Value
community work?

The expectation is that My Face Value™ community members will act in an ethical manner and in the spirit of fair play. The My Face Value™ vision is to facilitate a fan driven, community based alternative to unauthorised ticket sellers and the ticket resale giants.

My Face Value™ offer an environment that challenges how the secondary ticket market currently operates. The My Face Value™ commitment to the community is that we will regulate and moderate the activity in the community to ensure compliance with the My Face Value™ Community Guidelines.

My Face Value™ will provide an escrow service (regulated and auditable) for payments between BUYERS and SELLERS and will directly manage the SWAPPING process. All processes including the matching of BUY requests with SELL offers and SWAP requests with SWAP matches are managed by My Face Value™ from end to end and interested parties are notified via email of positive matches based on their request and at a frequency of their own choosing.

All tickets will be posted by My Face Value™ to the BUYER or SWAPPER and My Face Value™ will pay the SELLERS. My Face Value™ accepts full responsibility for the receipt of tickets by the SWAPPER or BUYER and full responsibility for payment to the SELLER.

For every transaction - BUY, SELL or SWAP - My Face Value™ will provide a counterfeit ticket guarantee and fraud protection warranty.

In this way My Face Value™ can ensure and maintain the integrity and founding principles of the community and ensure absolute compliance with the My Face Value™ Community Guidelines by all those who use it. This approach protects and maintains the My Face Value™ community integrity, protects the fans and prevents negative fan experiences.


Supporting soccer at grassroots level

Amature leagues and clubs will be given access to the My Face Value™ platform for their own ticketing and promotional purposes, free of charge. My Face Value™ will ensure compliance with the My Face Value™ Community Guidelines when used in this manner.


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